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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By engaging our services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth by Mrs Muscle Cleaning which can be found in this page. If you need further information or clarification on some of the terms and conditions discussed, you may reach out to us through our email address, and we will strive to respond to it within a week.

    Let us give you a quote for your requirements

    We respond to emails within 48hrs, please check your junk mail if you have not heard from us.

    Terms and Conditions

    Do I need to read the terms and conditions?

    Yes, you really do.

    Look, we know that these are super annoying to read, we get it, we really do, but we cannot tell you how many times clients have NOT read these terms and conditions (but said they have) and then become upset at us for following our terms and conditions.

    We know they are boring..but they are necessary! Do you want us to provide you with the best service? Sure, you do right? Well…reading these will help that happen. We are quite frankly tired of having clients be rude because they couldn’t be bothered to read this page but say that they did. Believe us, your life, and ours will be less stressful if you actually read them, we promise, your vacate experience will be so much better for us all!!!

    So, PLEASE read these terms and conditions in full.

    Do you offer a bond back guarantee!

    Yes, we 100% do…BUT…

    To be able to offer a bond back guarantee, we need to know the full and true condition of the home. All quotes that we will provide are estimated only based on the information you provided. We use reasonable endeavours to quote as accurately as possible, however, these quotes are subject to change, e.g., not in the condition as described, an additional room not accounted for, additional items not quoted for, e.g., blinds.

    If you tell us your home is in great condition, but it’s not, you cannot expect us to clean to a bond standard if we are not prepared. Extra time, effort, and elbow grease are required for homes that need additional loving so we MUST know this before we attend. If you do not tell us your home is in poor condition then we may have to reschedule your appt, as we may not have enough time to do it that day. We LOVE the tough jobs, we find them the most rewarding, but we must have the time available to do it. We also have staff that specialise in these types of cleans so need to make sure they are available on hand.

    Mrs Muscle cleaning does not remove sticky items from walls, or paint from floors. This is due to the potential damage that may be caused by the removal of these items, so it is expected that these will be removed prior to our arrival in preparation for cleaning.

    We reserve the right to refuse to clean any items that pose a potential risk to our staff, e.g., a broken power point, window dangerous light fittings or working at heights. In these circumstances, we will advise you prior to leaving your property.

    We always 100% try to do our best first time around, but as a vacate cleans are so in-depth, there are occasions when we miss a few things. We apologise profusely in advance for this. it is never our intention to do so. It is one of the reasons why we may need to visit twice to ensure the home is up to bond standard for you, to ensure you get your bond back.

    *We cannot be responsible for poorly maintained walls, carpets, etc.*

    *We are not miracle workers*

    I am so sorry to those clients who read this who are offended by the loud title, but it is necessary to include this as an important part of the website.

    When we clean your home, there are over 1000 things that need to be cleaned. Never I hear you say…but its’ true. When you count the endless skirting boards, the endless corners needing de-cobwebbing, the windowsills, tracks, frames, in your kitchen, each cupboard needs the inside of the cupboard, the top of the door, the side of the door, the sill on the inside, the inside of the door, the handle, the outside of the door and the kickback underneath all need cleaning. Multiply that by how many ‘cupboard’ doors you have in your home, and you already have several hundred items alone. That doesn’t include the oven, the stovetop, range-hood, filters, how many taps do you have in your home…the list goes on and on.

    Not only do we have all of these items to clean, we can have real estate expectations to manage at the end of your tenancy. There are unfortunately some (not all!) who enjoy the opportunity and the flex of saying that something isn’t right with the clean. Most of you reading this will understand this, you are the ones who deal with your agent day in day out…

    We have to specify this so clearly, because if you were to perform 1000 things at work in a day, it would be highly likely you may miss one or two things, OR do them all, but maybe one item not quite to standard. We genuinely don’t understand why clients are so rude to us if we need to return. Everyone in a ‘normal’ job, is given the opportunity to fix mistakes at work and we are no different.

    So, PLEASE, when you book us for an end of lease clean, understand we can’t promise you perfection (we try), first time round every time. We try our hardest, but we are human, not robots. If your agent isn’t happy, please don’t be rude to us. There isn’t any need. We are happy to return to fix any items that need fixing for no charge. So, you’re not out of pocket, not out of time, and if you can understand this, and allow us to return to complete the works, then we don’t see any reason not to get your bond back.

    Please don’t misunderstand, we are very very good at what we do, we rarely have to return, and we genuinely strive to do our best every single time. We really want to provide a great service, so please let us.

    *We will not work with clients who do not communicate with us in a polite and respectful manner*

    I have a balcony, blinds, stairs, study, or garage (and more), do I need to tell you this before you start?

    Yes, you do. As every room in the home needs a multitude of items to ensure bond standard, these take time and effort, therefore we need to know prior to the arrival of our teams, to ensure we allocate adequate time and cost to the clean. Some homes don’t have blinds, some don’t have split systems, some don’t need external windows etc so we don’t include these in our standard quote, after all, why should 90% of people pay for a quote for items that are not standard in a home? Would you be happy with this method?

    The list we sent to you IS what is included so please check it thoroughly.

    If you are not sure, please send us a message to ask, we are more than happy to help.

    What does spot marking mean?

    Spot marking is the removal of finger marks around light switches, corners, by the front entrance, by doors on the way into rooms (e.g., where small children trail hands), large marks that may be damaged by furniture rubbing etc and is included in our quote.

    If you have walls that have finger marks in several places, or large areas (anything bigger than 1mt x.05 mt as a rough guide) where small children touch in bedrooms, hallways etc then this will require wall washing.

    If you have food spatter on painted walls in a kitchen, this will also likely need wall washing. The same applies if a home has lots of marks all over the walls in general, this requires wall washing not spot marking.

    If you are unsure if you need wall washing or spot marking, please feel free to send us photos so that we can assist you in working out what is required in your home.

    What is the difference between 'normal' cleaning and deep cleaning?

    A lot!!

    Deep cleaning is a specialised area, that needs higher levels of physicality, elbow grease and products. We MUST know if areas of your home require more attention on the first visit. This allows us to send in the correct team to do your first clean, and then we can arrange for our general home specialists to maintain your home from then onwards.

    The most common areas that need deep cleaning are the shower areas, and the kitchen. If you are unsure if you need deep cleaning, please send an enquiry. We will then either arrange to inspect or request photos to assess what needs to be done.

    If you do not advise that you have an area that requires deep cleaning, you will probably be disappointed with your first clean, and we don’t want that and we imagine neither do you. If we attend and are unable to clean your home due to lack of information, we may need to cancel the appointment and reschedule which may incur a rebooking fee.

    Do I need to pay a deposit?

    No, our company understands that things change for a multitude of reasons, so we are happy to just book you in for the team to attend for your clean.

    When do I need to pay?

    All payments are required at the time of arrival for the work to commence. Unfortunately, we have to take this approach to protect the business and the staff. If this is difficult or you are unable to do this, please feel free to discuss with us prior to booking your appointment.

    We will contact you once we are on site (and happy to provide photos of the interior to confirm access), and payment is required at this time.

    If payment is not received within a reasonable time frame of the commencement of the clean, work will pause until payment is received. Receipts with ABN can be provided for all areas of work.

    We apologise to our honest customers for this stringent process, but unfortunately our experience has taught us that not all customers are as honest as everyone else.

    What happens if I'm not happy with aspects of the clean?

    We are human, and sometimes we miss things! We never claim to be perfect (unfortunately) so on these occasions, what we would ask you to do is contact us politely and respectfully to advise us of the concern.

    If this is for end of lease cleaning, we will ask you to wait for the inspection by the real estate agent. so that if there are additional items the Agent requires, we can return to fix all of them at the same time to ensure return of your bond. We will ask for photos of the work required to ensure we fix what is required. As our aim is for you to obtain your bond back, we 100% endeavour to achieve this for you at our first visit.

    If your clean is not for end of tenancy reasons (e.g., pre/post sale, deceased estate), and you are on site to check our work before we leave, please do so thoroughly. Anything that is missed, we are happy to rectify at that moment in time. Acceptance of our work checked on site is final (hence our request for you to check thoroughly), we will not revisit several days later if you change your mind and decide later you are not happy. If you are on site at the time we finish, and decline to check our work, this is considered a final acceptance of our work and you waive the right for a re-clean.

    Any failure to communicate with us in a polite and respectful manner will result in cancellation of future appts and services. We have a no-tolerance policy.